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How many times can I use my vacation home? You are allowed up to 30 days of personal use from approximately May 15 to September 15 and an additional 30 days of personal use during the remainder of the year.

Can I rent my vacation home directly to someone else?
The Association has an exclusive rental agreement with a single management company. The contract does not allow owners to rent without going through the exclusive rental company.

Can I opt out of the rental pool?
The rental management agreement has an initial term of five years and will automatically renew for an additional year, starting on the five year anniversary, and each year after, unless written notification is given two years prior to termination.

Are there any changes when I use my vacation home?
You are charged a predetermined cleaning fee at the end of each stay. If you wish to have daily services, such as towel delivery, linens and supplies, a predetermined daily fee is assessed.

Are pets allowed?
Because of the size of the facility and obvious liability issues, pets are not allowed on the grounds or in any individual dwelling.

How will management decide which vacation home is for rent and how often?
Each similar unit is placed into a room type by a property management computer program. Unless a customer specifically requests an individual unit, the computer program equally distributes rentals among all like classified units.

What happens if my vacation home is never rented?
It is in the best interest of the management company to do all that is possible to market every unit. It is anticipated that tourism will continue to expand as lakeshore property is developed. There is no way of predicting the number of times a specific room type will rent, however, the facility is unique and the customer base is expected to expand.

When do I receive rent payments?
Rental statements and checks are furnished on a monthly basis.

Can I sell my vacation home at any time?
You may sell your unit at Kavanaugh’s at any time you wish. If you desire assistance with the sale, Kavanaugh’s will be happy to provide the listing through our on-site real estate service at very competitive commissions.


Can I change the furnishings in my vacation home?
The rental management agreement specifies that all rental units be furnished and maintained consistent to a set of standards developed annually between the management company and the owners association. Owners may make minor cosmetic changes to their units however; these changes must be approved in advance by the management company.

Will housekeeping service our vacation home each time we depart?
Each time an owner uses their unit it is cleaned and made ready for rental at the time of their departure. There is a predetermined fee, based on the size of the unit, assessed for this service.

Is there a capital replacement program that will update and maintain the furnishings, equipment, etc.?
The resort does not operate with a capital replacement fund. All repairs are handled through special assessments to the owners. As replacements are deemed necessary, owners will be advised and assessed for the repairs or replacements. Standard upkeep and maintenance is covered by the monthly maintenance fee.

Can I leave personal belonging in my cabin?
All units have a limited amount of lockable storage which owners may use for some personal items. The storage is either in the unit in the form of a locked closet, or in an adjacent building.

Who insures the furnishings and who is responsible for replacing items damaged or stolen?
Lost or damaged items are the responsibility of the owner. Property insurance as well as liability coverage is negotiated by the rental management company and charged to the owners. It is strongly recommended that each owner carry an attachment on the homeowner’s policy to cover liability during their personal stays in their cabins.

Is financing available?
A list of local financial institutions will be provided to assist you with financing your vacation property.

How are the real estate taxes determined?
When your cabin is in the resort rental pool it is classified as resort property which receives a very favorable tax rate. In order to be classified as a seasonal resort property the unit must not be rented more than 250 days in any calendar year. Owner use is included in the 250 day rule.

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